BAY OF BISCAY CARGO & MARINE SURVEYORS, S.L. (BB Surveyors), offers an exclusive dedication, direct contact and entire disposal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The scope of our inspections covers all kind of matters related to the maritime sector , inspection of the ships and transport of maritime and terrestrial goods, proceeding to inspect, assess, report and settle any kind of incident, damage, loss that may arise anytime and anywhere.



More than 25 years of experience working for P&I clubs of the International Group as well as for Fixed Premium clubs.

Inspecciones de casco y máquinas

Our reports are aimed at ascertaining the cause/s and extent of the damages in Hull & Machinery (H&M) matters.

Inspecciones de mercancías

We specialize in cargo condition surveys and particularly in steel products surveys.

Inspecciones de condición de buques

The staff of BB Surveyors consist of merchant seamen with very proven experience in ship inspections.

Inspecciones de contenedores

The use of containerised goods has increased in the international trade over the years. BB Surveyors provides attendance in containers’ stuffing/de-stuffing operations as well as assistance in the stowage and securing of the goods within the containers.


Our experience allows us to attend any matter related to both maritime and terrestrial transport.

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