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Cargo surveys

We specialize in cargo condition surveys prior and during the loading operations as well as in the further cargo stowage and securing on board the vessel.

Our surveys are aimed at ascertaining the cause/s and extent of damages to the cargo in any incident occurred before, during and after its transport assisting with total independence our principals in the claim settlement with the claimants.

Regarding the steel products, during our long working life as Surveyors, we have acquired a remarkable experience being familiarized with the usual claim as well as the corresponding follow-up inspections to be carried out at the claimants’ premises for the inspection and mitigation and assessment of the alleged damages.

  • Cargo pre-loading and loading survey.
  • Cargo discharge survey.
  • Project cargo survey.
  • Inspection, control and supervision of goods.
  • Inspection of cargo stowage and securing on board the vessel.
  • Inspection of solid/liquid bulk cargoes.
  • Inspection of sealing/unsealing of cargo holds.
  • Measurement of cargo units.
  • Inspection of perishable goods.
  • Tally survey.
  • Draft survey.
  • Cargo weight control on shore weighing scale.
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